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14 Signs Your Cat Hates You

Jaw-Dropping Facts

As much as you might love your cat, they might not always reciprocate your affection.
Although your feline friend could never "hate" you, they could develop some mistrust and fear toward you.
In this video, we will discuss 14 signs that your cat hates you

Horizontal Tail When You're Around
A cat’s tail is like human’s eyebrows — they convey emotion without having to make a sound.
Although actions like wrapping their tail around you, a "question mark" shape of the tail, and an upright tail are all positive mood indicators for a cat, you should watch out for a lowered horizontal tail, tail lashing, or tail puffing.
A lowered horizontal or generally lowered tail indicates the cat is in fearful, aggressive, or hostile mood. This is often a clear sign that your pet is not happy.
They Don’t Relax When You're Around
Sleeping puts a cat in a very vulnerable position. Cats are usually concerned about their safety and won’t expose their vulnerable parts when they aren’t sure about their surroundings. So if your cat doesn’t let its guard down when you’re around, it could mean they feel uncomfortable around you
Flattening their ears around you
Cats lay their ears flat, either toward the side or back of their head, when they’re feeling defensive or aggressive.
When a cat is in this position, they are trying to tell you that they're uncomfortable and need some space.
They Poop on your stuff
While there are many reasons that a cat may eliminate outside the litter box, like a medical issue or a dirty litter box, relieving outside of designated areas may be a sign that your pet is upset. For cats, peeing or pooping outside the litter box is often a way of marking their territory. If your feline friend leaves a mess in an obvious place, like the middle of your bedroom or on your belongings, that's them marking that territory as theirs and advising you to stay away from it.
The Cat Won't Touch or Be Touched
When cats trust you, they will offer physical expressions of closeness. They will lick you, groom you, rub you, and sleep on you. But if you are considered a dangerous creature, a cat won’t let you get close enough to impose threat. If you don't get any lapsits, headbutts, or legrubs, it's probably because the cat does not trust you.
They lie down on their backs with their claws out
Most animals are at a disadvantage when fighting on their backs, but a cat is capable of biting and clawing in this position. Some will even purposefully roll onto their back during a fight with another cat or animal.
They stare you down
Does your cat stare you down? It could be a sign of love or curiosity... or it could be because they're mad at you. If a cat stares right into your eyes, check their body language.
A feline who is upset will exhibit telltale signs such as flatten ears, a stiffer body and an agitated tail that’s swishing back and forth.
That body language, in addition to direct eye contact, is a clear sign that your cat needs some space.
In the animal world, prolonged eye contact without blinking is seen as an act of aggression and dominance.
They keep hiding from you.
If your cat is always hiding, it could mean they are fearful or unhappy with you or the situation.
Constant hiding could also be a sign of an underlying health issue, so be sure to check a vet.
They bite you
Cats’ biting is one of the most clear signs of resentment.
If they bite without backing away or trying to play afterwards, they’re trying to show you they are agitated.
This is not to be confused with love bites, which are playful in nature and clearly not meant to pierce the skin.
They Seem friendly with other people... But not you
It's normal for cats to have better chemistry or closer bonds with some people rather than with others. Cats are notorious for playing favorites, and some felines are just cooler than others, never warming up to anyone.
They Disappear Whenever You Are Around
If your feline friend insists on maintaining a distance from you, or even disappears whenever you come in the room, then there's a good chance they’re trying to avoid you on purpose.
They hiss at you.
If your cat is hissing at you, then they're definitely unhappy.
If your fullgrown cat is hissing at you, it's a sure sign they're upset and potentially feeling threatened. Keep in mind that growling, hissing, and swatting are often normal behaviors in kittens as they try to develop.
Chronic disinterest
If you try to play with your kitties and they're not interested no matter which toy you've got, it may be a sign they are unhappy.
Sure, it's normal for our feline friends to turn down playtime so they can relax every now and then, but constant disinterest in interacting with you could be a sign that your feline is not too happy with you.

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