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11 Things Your Cat Doesn't Like About You


Why is your cat sad or mad at you? If your cat isn’t happy, no one in the house is allowed to be either. Sometimes we cat owners, with all our affection and loyalty, actually do more harm than good. At least that’s what we recently learned, and we’re here to spread the message!

Did you know, for example, that most cats just hate strangers? They see any other creatures of their kind as competition for food, toys, and love. Or have you ever noticed they don’t like belly rubs? A cat’s stomach is its most vulnerable area, and protecting it is a basic instinct. So be gentle and respectful!

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Don’t smother them with love 0:33
Don’t ignore them 1:26
Don’t clip their nails 2:26
They don’t like belly rubs 3:11
Never make them take a bath 3:56
Don’t take them for a ride 4:37
Keep them away from loud noises 5:33
Don’t dress them up 6:00
They don’t need your hairstyling services 6:27
They just hate strangers 6:56
Don’t meow at them 7:53

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Cats feel insecure when you pick them up and being hugged is like being trapped to them. It can easily cause stress or aggression, so think twice before expressing love the human way!
If you don’t give your little one the attention or food they want when they want it, be prepared for constant meowing or pawing at your leg. Cats have their own schedule that you’ll never really understand, and they like to be the one to decide when it’s “play with human” time.
Some cats are okay with their human clipping their nails, but most won’t have any of it! It’s an incredibly risky procedure, and their postsurgery wounds can easily get infected.
It’s a universal truth that cats, with maybe a few rare exceptions, despise water. You see, your house cat’s ancestors lived in Europe, Africa, and China, where they weren’t exposed to much water. So, they didn’t have to learn how to deal with it.
Cats are extremely territorial, and “your” home is actually your cat’s. And cats don’t like to leave their little kingdom, so a car ride can be emotionally stressful as well.
You might love 4th of July fireworks, but your cat – not so much. They don't like any loud noises, whether it be honking cars, the vacuum, hair dryer, and so on.
Cats are way more like their ancestors that lived in the wild. Those kitties clearly didn’t like feeling something against their fur, restricting their freedom of movement.
If you see knots or mats in your kitty’s hair, definitely get rid of those. You’ll save your cat from the pain and other nasty things that come with knots, such as fleas, ticks, and rashes.
Even though cats meow at humans and not other cats, they don’t expect you to meow back! But if you try to meow back, your kitty will be really confused.

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