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The Wienerlympics! - Cute u0026 Funny Wiener Dog Video!

Crusoe the Dachshund

Crusoe and Daphne rejoin with Oakley for the first official Wienerlympics games, which are like the #Olympics but instead are dedicated for the #dogs! So enjoy this super cute, fun video of these #dachshunds competing against each other in various sport competitions.

And of course, all dogs were safe and comfortable in everything we did. Oakley loves swimming (and jumping in the water), and Daphne too is a swimmer. Crusoe is not as much a fan of being in the water so he decided not to race that one!

But the dogs go through 7 different doggy competitions, including:
Weight Lifting
Fencing (yes, dogs fencing)
High Dive
Long Jump

Enjoy and let us know your favorite moment from the episode in the comments!

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