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It’d be cool to understand your pets’ language. Imagine you’re walking your dog and suddenly: hey, owner, look at that guy. I feel like he’s a bad person. Let’s go away. Woof! Or you leave the house, and your cat lying on the couch says: "buddy, take the umbrella. My tail tells me it’ll be raining!" In general, our pets could tell us a lot. That’s because they have a “superpower.” Their sense organs eyes, ears, feet (or paws), and hair are much more developed than those of people. Our pets get a bunch of information from the outside world.

Pets can see and hear what you can’t. Animals also have super intuition. They can predict dangerous situations and, moreover, help their beloved person. But here’s the problem: they can’t speak the human language. So, behavior is their primary way to communicate. But how exactly do animals behave before, say, an earthquake or other natural disasters? There’s a whole science that studies animal behavior: zoopsychology. Let's find out more about it.


Can cats predict natural disasters? 1:43
How do they do that? 3:24
Btw, people can determine cataclysms, too 3:51
Strange animal behavior 4:20
What about fish and birds? 5:16
Do cats see ghosts? 5:38

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