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26 Facts About Cats That'll Make You Love Them


Did you know that every culture has its own word for the sound a cat makes? In English, cats say “Meow,” kitties in Korea say “Nyaong,” and a cat in Turkey will greet you with a “Miyauv!” Obviously, the whole world is obsessed with these adorable furry creatures. Bright Side has learned a lot of new and interesting facts about these pets and decided to share them with you. Some of them will definitely surprise you!

1. Who were the first to domesticate cats 0:51
2. What Egyptian did when their cats died 1:17
3. Cats wore jeweled collar 1:43
4. Punishment for killing a cat 2:00
5. Earnest Hemingway’s cats 2:18
6. The most notable cat goddesses 2:50
7. Chinese cat goddess 3:16
8. Who Ovinnik is 3:37
9. Chariot that was pulled by cats 3:54
10. Cats and black magic 4:06
11. How the Pussy Willow got its name 4:17
12. A legend about a cat at the Gotokuji Temple in Japan 4:57
13. What a righting reflex is 5:55
14. Why cats stare at you sometimes with their mouths open 6:15
15. Outstanding balance of cats 6:30
16. Why you should NEVER cut your cat’s whiskers 6:39
17. Why cats scratch their claws on things 6:58
18. Why cats meow 7:28
19. How cats use their tails 7:43
20. Why they have that rough tongue 8:28
21. Can cats drink seawater? 8:42
22. Why cat’s noses are so unique 8:51
23. When kittens start to dream 9:00
24. Are cats rightpawed or leftpawed? 9:31
25. Cat purring 9:38
26. Homing instinct in cats 9:45

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The Mesopotamians and ancient Egyptians were the first to domesticate cats. Since these cultures were dependent on agriculture, the enemies of their livelihood were the animals that ate their crops.
Since Egyptians thought of cats so highly, they accessorized their pets with jewels. The richer and more aristocratic the owner, the bigger the jeweled collar their cat wore.
In ancient Egypt, anyone found guilty of killing a cat, even accidentally, was sentenced to death.
Egyptians thought that Bastet manifested physically as a cat and protected Egypt from invasion, just like a cat protects its owner’s home.
In Slavic mythology, it was believed that a barn cat named Ovinnik was the protector of crops and livestock.
It was only around the Middle Ages when cat folklore turned dark. During this time, cats were thought to be accomplices of witches and black magic.
You’ve likely heard about the knack cats have for always landing on their feet no matter how far they fall. This is called a “righting reflex,”
Cats can’t taste sweet foods, but they do have an extra organ that allows them to taste scents in the air. Apparently, that’s why they stare at you sometimes with their mouths open!
Cats have outstanding balance that’s only made better by their long tails.
Cats are carnivores, which (aside from cleaning themselves) is why they have that rough sandpaper tongue. It’s supposed to help them clean every last morsel of flesh from an animal bone.
Cats can drink seawater. Unlike humans, cats have kidneys that can filter out the salt from seawater.
The ridges on a cat’s noses are like fingerprints for people. That means that no two kitty noses are exactly alike!
Cats purr at a frequency of about 26 purrs per second.

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