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Why Cats Lie on Their Backs When They See You


While cats have been domesticated pets since the days of Cleopatra, there’s still a lot about them that remains a mystery. Like when they just roll over as you approach them, what’s up with that? Actually, when cats lie on their back and expose their bellies, it’s their way of saying “Hello, human!”! But it's not the only message a cat sends when it shows you its cute furry little belly.

Today we're talking about cat behaviors. Why do they expose their belly? Why do they bring you dead animals? Why do they like watching from afar? There are plenty of other things they do that just have you scratching your head in confusion. Let's figure out together!

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Showing you its belly 0:43
Rubbing its head on you 2:15
Kneading 2:49
Blinking at you slowly 3:37
Watching from afar 4:01
Scratching your furniture 4:59
Chattering its teeth 5:45
Bringing you dead animals 6:43
Sitting in the most random places 7:22
Bursting with energy in the middle of the night 8:10

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Be careful not to invade your cat’s space unless you know they love belly rubs and like to be touched. Look for other clues like their ears and tail. If their tail is moving back and forth and their ears are set back, this means they’d rather be left alone.
When a cat weaves through your legs and rubs its head on you, it's called bunting, and it involves a release of pheromones from a cat’s head. Basically, it’s as if they’re leaving their scent on you to make sure other cats know that you belong to them.
Have you ever been snuggling with your kitty when they start pressing their little paws into you over and over again? When cats do this sort of breadkneading motion, it’s actually leftover from their kitten days when they used to nurse.
Has your cat ever made prolonged eye contact with you while blinking really slowly every few seconds? It’s awkward, I know! But this is actually a way for your cat to show you affection!
If you find that your cat is watching you from afar but never wants to engage, this could be a sign that they’re anxious or even mad at you.
Similar to how a dog urinates on things to mark their territory (which cats can do too sometimes, by the way), cats like to scratch furniture to show others what’s theirs.
If your cat’s teeth are chattering really fast, it doesn’t mean they have the chills. It’s actually related to a natural instinct to hunt.
Many animal behaviorists believe that your cat shares a successful kill with you as a way of thanking you for your care. Cats also do this in hopes that you’ll see how good they are, and you’ll pay more attention to them!
Cats seem to love squeezing into small spaces, even though it often looks terribly uncomfortable. They do this because it helps them feel protected and safe.
Many house cats hold in a lot of energy during the day and since they have nocturnal instincts, they often go nuts in the middle of the night.

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