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14 Things You Do That Hurt Your Cat You Must Stop Doing!

Cat Lovers Forum

14 ways you could be hurting your cat without realizing:

#14. Neglecting the litter box:
Cats are very clean creatures. Neglecting to clean the litter box can be harmful to your cat's health, as well as your own. Your cat may even refuse to use the litter box altogether if it is very dirty. The litter box should be cleaned at least once a day if you have one cat, and more frequently if you have multiple cats.

#13. Not cleaning their food and water dishes:
You must clean and wash your cat's food and water dishes daily. Leaving food or water unchanged for more than one day gives the bacteria a chance to grow, especially if you're using wet food. This can directly harm your cat's health. Your cats dishes should be taken care of the same way we take care of our dishes.

#12. Not using the right dishes:
It is best to choose dishes made of stainless steel and avoid other materials such as plastic and ceramic. This is because these materials get scratched over time and bacteria accumulate inside these scratches, making them difficult to clean. Stainless steel on the other hand does not develop such scratches and is easier to clean.
Do not choose deep dishes. When the dish is deep, your cat's whiskers touch the sides of the dish. Since cat whiskers are highly sensitive, this can cause discomfort and stress to the cat. Some cats even take their food out of the dish to avoid having their whiskers touch the sides. Therefore, you should only choose wide, shallow dishes.

#11. Punishing your cat:
If your cat does something you don't like, never think of punishing or shouting at them. Simply because they will see that you are trying to hurt them, and that will break the bond of trust between you, try searching online for specific reasons why your cat might be acting in this way, and how to address it properly. You will find many tips that can help you change the bad behavior.

#10. Surprising them:
You may have seen videos of people putting a cucumber near their cats. This action usually scares cats. In fact, cats are not afraid of the cucumber itself. Rather, they are afraid of the sudden appearance of this thing near them out of no where. This is a natural reflex for cats, as they think it might be a snake or some other animal that wants to hurt them. If you want to play with your cat, look for the right ways to do it and never do such actions with these lovely creatures.

#9. Waking them up:
Cats sleep between twelve and eighteen hours every day. They love sleeping a lot and will never be happy if they are disturbed during their sleep in any way. Do not make any loud noises while your cat is sleeping and definitely don't wake them up.

#8. Ignoring them when they ask for attention:
Despite cats spending a lot of time alone, they sometimes need to spend time with you to get the affection and feeling of security that you provide. So, you may find your cat trying to get your attention sometimes, either by rubbing against you, sitting next to you, or getting near your hand. When your cat asks for your attention, never ignore them. Doing so will make them feel sad, lonely, and possibly even depressed if you keep ignoring them.

#7. Loud noises:
Cats are afraid of loud and unexpected noises such as the sound of vacuum cleaners, a hair dryer, loud TV or loud music, loud human voices, thunder, slamming doors, and many others. Therefore, try your best not to expose your cat to these noises, and definitely never shout at them.

#6. Strong smells:
Cats have a sense of smell that is fourteen times stronger than humans. Therefore, cats are usually annoyed by the smells we use around the house, such as cleaners or air fresheners. also products such as perfume, creams, or shampoos bother them. Do not hug your cat immediately after using these products, this could make them associate you with these undesirable smells.
#5. Grabbing their tail or rubbing their tummy:
Most cats don't like having their bellies touched. This is because the belly area is one of the weakest areas of a cat's body. In some cases, if you have owned the cat since it was a kitten, or have handled it with great care and made it feel very safe with you, it may allow you to touch its belly. But generally, it is best to avoid doing this if your cat shows signs of discomfort:
Gripping the tail is also not welcomed. The cat may react with an unexpected reaction if you try to grip its tail. Especially if you pull on it. Avoid any actions that make your cat uncomfortable, so you can be their source of safety and comfort.

#4. Aggressive Petting:
When playing with your cat, don't pet it forcefully or quickly. This will scare the cat and make it try to escape. Also, don't hug your cat too tightly. This will make it feel trapped and unable to escape. You should always be gentle when petting or playing with your cat.

#3. Not respecting your cat's privacy:
..... to be continued in the video.

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