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Your Complete First Week Puppy Training Plan

McCann Dog Training

Puppy training can start the first week that your puppy comes home. In this video, Instructor Lauren will show you 5 things to work on for your firstweek puppy training plan. This training plan will include, skills training, puppy potty training, puppy crate training, and everything you'll need to make the first week home with your new puppy as stressfree as it can be. This video is made specifically for new puppy owners. But if you've just welcomed an adult dog into your home, some of these same exercises will apply!

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00:00 Your Complete First Week Puppy Training Plan
01:06 Puppy Management & Training
01:50 Puppy Training Houseline
02:44 Teaching Your Puppy To Take Food Gently
04:01 What If They’re Too Rough?
04:51 Deliver The Reward Quickly
05:34 Teaching Your Puppy To Follow Food
06:36 Teach Your Puppy To Sit, Lie Down and Stand
07:39 Puppy Potty Training
09:46 Be Proactive With Your Puppy Potty Training
10:37 Teach Your Puppy Their Name
12:11 Teaching A Puppy Recall
13:00 Puppy Crate Training First Week
14:55 Feed Your Puppy Their Meal In The Crate
15:47 Appropriate Toys ONLY In The Puppy Crate
16:41 Puppy Crate Size
17:25 Puppy Crate Training Location
18:40 Puppy Training Schedule By Age

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