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Dog Doesn't COME When Called? FIX It NOW!

Suburban K9 Dog Training

Follow these three rules and your dog will always come when called! We train dogs to come when called EVERY TIME and we help clients with this every day. It isn’t that hard as long as you follow a well thought out method that actually works.

Have you ever wondered why your dog does not listen to you when you call them? Do you want to teach your dog not to run away from you or play the chase game? If so, this video will help explain and fix those issues!

The first step to get your dog to come when called is actually teaching them the come command. Many times people think their dog knows come, but it is more of a game and the dog doesn’t really understand the word or the expectations. There are many ways to teach command, and if you want more information please watch our “Come Guaranteed” video.    • STEP By STEP Guide To Training Your D...  

Once your dog has learned the basics of the come command, we will advance it by moving to a long line, short tab and in some cases an e collar. Make sure you have a well thought out proofing plan as well to ensure your dog stays safe.

The second step of getting your dog to come is to teach your dog to not run away. This sounds obvious, but many dogs don’t understand this at the beginning. After your dog has learned the come command,we will start expecting more out of them. If they do not listen, you need some sort of consequence.

The last step to get your dog come to you is stop them from learning to selectively listen. In order for dogs to learn to listen every time, they need to learn consequences and they need to know that you will be 100% consistent!

Ideally, the process of teaching your dog to come should start when they are young. If you didn’t start when they were a puppy, don’t worry! We see this all the time! It is never too late to teach your dog to come when called!

00:00 Introduction
01:15 How To Teach Come
02:35 Teaching Dogs To Not Run Away
07:15 Dogs Playing The Game
10:33 Closing thoughts

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