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WORST Mistakes You Make with Your Cat

Jackson Galaxy

Hey, we all make mistakes when it comes to life with our cats. Believe me, I’ve made plenty, which is part of the reason I’m sharing this list with you. In the end, this list is more about opportunity to forgive yourself for anything that has happened up until this point, and opportunity to move forward armed with information that could provide a much happier life for your cats and for your relationship, also!

Resources and Info about declawing cats

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Getting Your Cat Into a Carrier

Litterbox Guides

0:00 Intro
1:08 Mistake 1
3:29 Mistake 2
5:29 Mistake 3
6:33 Mistake 4
8:01 Mistake 5
8:56 Mistake 6
10:15 Mistake 7
12:33 Mistake 8
14:06 Mistake 9
16:17 Outro

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