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8 Types of Cat Aggression Explained!

Jackson Galaxy

Cat Aggression Explained!

Aggressive cats make for fearful and confused cat guardians, or at least that’s my experience. The solution for my many clients over the years is to first and foremost arm themselves...with information! Knowing the whats and whys of your cats’ outbursts is the first step towards helping them, and everyone else they come in contact with.

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Cat Beds!

Independent Toys

0:00 Introduction
1:57 1 Play
3:26 2 Redirected
6:07 3 Overstimulation
8:38 4 Pain Induced
11:02 5 Status
13:50 6 Territorial
17:19 7 Nonrecognition
18:18 Honorable Mentions
19:43 8 Idiopathic
21:33 Wrapup

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