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Cat Nutrition: The Food The Bad u0026 The Ugly Part 3: Raw Food!

Jackson Galaxy

Welcome back, Greenhorn! Are you ready for the final Cat Nutritional showdown? In part 3 of our journey through nutritional choices for your cats, this is the end of the line. You’ve probably heard a lot about raw diets for cats and I’m here to set you straight! If you care about the ultimate health of your cats, watch this video!

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Some of the resources I mentioned in this video check them out for the facts (and take some time to explore each site for even more info)!

▶ Website with MANY resources from an introduction to a raw diet to recipes for a homemade diet and much more:

▶What cats would be eating in depth from Dr. Lisa Pierson:

▶Debunking some myths about the dangers of raw food for cats from Dr. Jean Hofve:

▶Great info from. great source Dr. Karen Becker:

▶More info on raw food for cats from Tracy Dion:

▶ The products I mentioned in this video:
Jackson Galaxy Probiotics and Enzymes:

Jackson Galaxy Solutions Happy Tummy:

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