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Wobbly Goat Tripping Duck And 3-Legged Cow Need Our Help! | Dodo Kids | All Better

Dodo Kids

Pisa the baby goat dreams of going on a walk with her best friend, Colton the dog. But there's a problem: She can’t stand up without tipping over! Luckily, we’ve got some ideas to help her, starting with building a special brace to practice walking. And once this kid’s legs get strong enough, she’ll be ready for something that’s going to make her dreams come true. But Pisa isn’t the only animal who needs some help to get around. Bea the duckling keeps tripping every time she walks! What’s going on? And how can we fix it? Finally, there’s Nir the cow, an animal who needs something REALLY special to help him walk: a new leg!

For another special Dodo Kids video, here's Turbo Roo — a twolegged dog who never stops going! ➡

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posted by jteferaisdire7g