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Top 15 Calmest Small Dog Breeds That You Would Never Guess 😮

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There’s no doubt that all dogs make great companions. It’s just that some of them, especially small ones, tend to be “yapping machines”, which could disturb the calm vibes in your household and maybe even get you a noise complaint from your neighbor. With that said, here are the calmest small dog breeds that are an exemption to the yapping stereotype.


Pugs are clumsy and energetic balls of fur so don’t be fooled by that lazy look they have. Their playful nature, however, is balanced by their couch potato persona. As much as they enjoy being active, they also love to snuggle with their owners and just lounge around the house. This makes them a great choice, especially if you’re living in an apartment.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This beautiful breed is the epitome of royalty. They’re born with a loving temperament and are quite the people person. Their gentle and extroverted personality makes them great companions. They’re also not barkers and are polite to any human or animal they meet. This makes them a great match if you have children or already have fur babies in the household.

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