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Low Maintenance Dogs For Busy Owners


Low maintenance dog breeds:

Are you looking for a fourlegged companion that’s easy to care for and always ready to reward you with unconditional doggy love? We totally understand that!
While all dogs need care and attention still there are some breeds that are relatively easy to keep than others. Want to know dogs that shed less, are easy to groom and train and require very little exercise? Here we have compiled a list of low maintenance dog breeds in case you’re looking for one.


Next in our list of low maintenance dogs is none other than the adorable pug. Pugs are low shedders. They get along well with children which makes them a great family dog.

Boston Terrier:

Boston terrier is one of the most easygoing dog breeds. This dog can be happy as a couch potato. Friendly and easily trainable.


In case you’re looking for a tiny dog that’s easy to keep, this itty bitty dog is a safe bet. Chihuahuas can be your perfect pocketsized lap dog.


Dachshunds are often considered one of the lowmaintenance dogs out there. Due to their small stature, these dogs are easier to train and handle.

French bulldog:

The cheerful Frenchie is next in our list of lowmaintenance dogs. Frenchie is a low key and patient dog that doesn’t require much exercise.

Basset Hound:

If you’re looking for a low energy dog that doesn’t require much attention Basset hound is all that you need.


How can one forget this absolutely adorable white dog? Maltese is a perfect example of a lowmaintenance dog that has it all!

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