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20 Largest Dogs in the World

Ultimate Fact

Large dogs have always been valued for many qualities: they are excellent watchmen, defenders, shepherds, hunters, bloodhounds, and even babysitters. But first of all, they are good and loyal friends. In this video we are going to talk about the Top 20 largest dogs in the world you won’t believe exist.
8 Leonberger
Leonberger is truly a gentle giant, and he is undoubtedly playful and friendly. Tremendously calm, confident, and goodnatured, many are reminded of the 'King of the Jungle.' Although always graceful and powerful, there are other reasons the Leo is likened to a lion. Bred was initially the perfect family companion. Although they may sound like the clear choice, this breed is not for everyone; grooming, training, and exercise all require a high amount of effort. Leonberger’s height is usually from 65 to 80 cm and the weight varies from 45 to 77 kg.
7 AkitaInu
Another giant on our list of biggest dogs in the worldis a pet born in Japan. Now, this particular breed became worldfamous after the movie about Hachiko, a faithful friend who waited for his owner for nine years until his end. The original goal of AkitaInu is to hunt bears, boars, and deer. These dog representatives are excellent guards. Best suited to a onedog household Akita can be a good family dog in the right hands.The average height of this dog reaches 6170 cm while its average weight varies from 40 to 52 kg.
6 Irish wolfhound
Irish wolfhounds are considered the tallest dogs in the world, were initially bred to pull men off horses and chariots in battle. Today, this breed is a popular family companion with owners taking advantage of the breed's intelligence for use in hunting and obedience competitions.
Irish wolfhounds do well with children and are friendly with other animals. Their friendly behavior makes them poor guard dogs, but their size generally intimidates potential intruders before they realize the dog only wants to play. This breed usually is around 85 cm in height and 55 kg in weight.
5 Turkish Kangal
The Kangal dog takes is perfectly trainable, devoted to protecting its owners and their property. She gets along well with other pets, loves children, and sometimes even can act as a babysitter. Kangals are one of the strongest dogs in the world, and in some countries, they are still used to protect cattle from wolves and cheetahs. The cons of this breed are that they require a great deal of exercise, and the immense size makes apartment living virtually impossible. Kangal’s average height is 71 to 81 cm while it weighs 43 to 65 kg.
4 Great Dane
Another one of the biggest dog breeds in the world is the one that is commonly called the "Gentle Giant," the Great Dane. This dog was initially bred to hunt wild boar. While the breed's giant size is often intimidating, the Great Dane is actually very well mannered, sweet, affectionate, and gentle with children.
Great Danes size can make it difficult for them to be ideal house dogs, so training is necessary. Great Danes are frequently considered the tallest dogs in the world which is not surprising since they can be 110 cm in height and weight 75kg.
3 Saint Bernard.
Saint Bernard is widely known as one of the biggest dogs in the world with a tender heart. Originally bred to rescue travelers and guard travel lodges in the Swiss Alps, Saint Bernard is a gentle, intelligent, muscular dog.
Despite the breed's giant size, they prefer being indoors with their family. This can be a lovehate relationship as Saint Bernards are very friendly, easygoing, and generally happy to lie down and sleep while their family does their thing. These massive dogs have the average height of 65 to 85 cm and can weigh 110 kg.
2 Spanish Mastiff
The Spanish Mastiff is one of the heaviest dogs in the world, and they have been around for a couple thousand years or more. They are easily distinguished by their size and the two massive hairy folds of skin that hang off their neck. While they are not fully recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC), they have been assigned the Working Dog group in the AKC's Foundation Stock Service since 2008. Spanish Mastiffs usually reach around 87 cm in height and 115 kg in weight.
1 English Mastiff
Number one on our list and biggest dog in the world, is English Mastiff. Initially bred for war, thisgiant mastiff is one of the most massive and oldest dog breeds in the world. While the mastiff's ancestors were fierce war dogs, the mastiff today has a docile kindhearted temperament. Mastiffs make fine companions for anyone who can accommodate their great size and doesn’t mind a little drool slung here and there. If you’re looking for a 90 cm dog that weighs as much as 120 kg and has lots of love to give, this may be the pooch for you!
Which dog is your favorite and why? Which one do you think deserves on this list? Let us know in the comments below.
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