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Top 10 Best Dogs for Small Farms - Heroes of the Homestead - Dogs 101

Animal Facts

Top 10 Best Dogs for Small Farms It takes a lot of work to run a farm—even a quaint, backyard or hobby farm. And unless you wear a cape and tights on a regular basis, you’ll probably need someone to help with tasks such as managing and guarding your livestock and property, as well as keeping the barns and feed areas verminfree. To put it bluntly, you’ll need a good farm dog.

On this edition of Animal Facts, we’ll be highlighting the “heroes of the homestead”—our top dogs for small farms.

Catch Robert and Bonnie @ Live Life DIY    / piratelifestyletv  

0:00 Introduction
0:38 Jack Russell Terrier
1:25 Golden Retriever
2:23 Pembroke Welsh Corgi
3:31 Standard Schnauzer
4:42 Dachshund
5:39 Australian Cattle Dog
7:20 Great Pyrenese
8:31 German Shepherd
9:33 Australian Shepherd
11:08 Border Collie

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