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the power of music and animals | harp u0026 horses - Game of Thrones intro

Alba Harden

Something special happens when two nonverbal languages meet, something mysterious and inexplicable... Thank you to Jakub Rizman    / @tournier23   for your beautiful talent and harp and to Susan Harden    / @liveandbreathehorses   for being the reason this incredible experience happened.

y o u m i g h t a l s o l i k e
· Make you feel my love | Harp cover    • Make you Feel my Love | Harp Cover  
· The importance of slowing down    • the importance of slowing down | Poet...  

t h a n k y o u
whoever you are, whether you've been here for a some time or only a little while, you watch every video or you just pop in when you need a warm space to hang out thank you for tuning in! ❤

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instagram:   / albaharden_  
business inquiries: [email protected]

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⋙ Photography camera Canon 5D mark IV
⋙ Vlog camera Fujifilm xs10
⋙ Action camera Insta360 One RS

m o r e a b o u t m e
I'm 23 years young, British by blood, Spanish by birth, and currently based in Málaga, Spain.
I'm passionate about seeking beauty in life's simple pleasures. I aim to look for a different perspective, to find the uniqueness and magic in all things. There are no limits to your creativity, therefore there are no limits.
​"Everything you can imagine is real" Pablo Picasso

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