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The Devon Rex Cat : Breed u0026 Personality

Kitten Life

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In today's video, we are going to talk about a very unique cat breed. This breed's bizarre appearance, made sure that they get a spot on the Topmost wanted cats in the world. They are a playful and active breed. Most owners even describe them as "a monkey in a catsuit."

The Devon Rex Breed.

Devon Rex cats have a short yet wavy coat, and are known to have slender semimuscular bodies. Their fur is also very soft, and their ears are very large.

They are about average in size, usually tipping the scale in around 8 pounds, for both males and females.
As they become adults, their head becomes bigger, and their chest broadens. Although both sexes have a similar weight ratio, The males tend to have medium boning, compared to the females that have lighter boning. This difference in bone density makes some males significantly larger than the females.

The Devon Rex has an unusual appearance. The head is triangular, and the nose appears to change direction, just right below the eyes. Their eyes are large, accompanied with extremely huge batlike ears.. These beautiful ears that also resemble the wings of a butterfly, along with the other distinct facial features, give these breed a look that is quite reminiscent of a pixie or an elf.

The soft and curly coat on the Devon Rex, is also unusual. Many Devons have a lack of fur on some areas, especially on areas, where she can lick herself. Their coat is fragile, it is known that constant grooming can cause the fur to break off completely. Devons are also generally classified as a cat that has broken whiskers, It's a good idea to be careful in grooming them especially on their facial area, because their whiskers are weak and fragile.

It is ideal for pet owners to always consider feeding your Devons highquality meals every day, accompanied by exercise and mild grooming, using a damp cloth, in order to minimize the negative health issues connected to the breed.. Also, having regular visits with your local veterinarian, will ensure that your lovable companion, lives a long and happy life.

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