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Devon Rex Cats 101 : Fun Facts u0026 Myths

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In today's video, we are going to talk about interesthing facts and myths the Devon Rex cat.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Devon Rex.

The Devon Rex is a rare cat breed that can be easily identified by its super unique appearance, especially compared to other cats breeds. A peculiar, lively cat breed from Devonshire, England, the Devon Rex has many interesting traits to match its truly original look.

Here are 5 things you didn’t know about the Devon Rex cat breed.

1. They are indooronly cats.

With the absence of guard hairs, the thin and wavy coat of hair covering the body of the Devon Rex can not adequately protect them from the sun’s harmful rays. The Devon Rex’s coat is soft, consisting of a mix of waves and curls that’s density changes with certain areas of the body. Fun fact: Each season throughout the year will also cause a change in density in this cat’s coat length.

2. Cat in a Monkey Suit.

With a cat known for its silly and playful nature, “cat in a monkey suit” is not too surprising of a nickname for this breed. These cats are known for being particularly mischievous, and having one in your home will always keep you on your toes. Fun fact: There are two other common nicknames for the Devon Rex, the first being the “poodle cat” due to their coat style, and the other the “alien cat” from their angular head shape and large eyes.

3. Devoted, Loyal, and Not Afraid to Show it.

This breed is exceptionally loyal to their humans, craving to be in their presence almost any time they are near. A Devon Rex does well in an environment where they will receive lots of attention, and does not like to be left alone for long periods at a time. Due to their naturally mischievous nature, if a Devon Rex is left to their own devices for too long, don’t be surprised if the house is rather messy when you come home. These cats seek out entertainment, and have a love for jumping up on countertops to play with things that interest them–or finding food!

4. Kitten at Heart.

These playful, spunky cats do well in active families with children due to their energetic disposition. A Devon Rex doesn’t mind nonstop action and maintains a kittenlike personality even once reaching maturity. Since these cats don’t like to be left alone, they do well in homes with large families so there is almost always someone home to keep them company. Fun fact: The Devon Rex comes as a result of a natural mutation. In the 1950s in Devonshire, England a woman found a stray cat in her care that had given birth to an oddly curly haired kitten. The woman, Miss Cox, was smitten with her curly kitten with cute batlike ears and soft wavy hair, appropriately naming him Kirlee–and thus he became the founding father of this truly special breed.

5. Kitty Cuddle Bugs that Cling to You.

Because they lack a proper coat to keep them warm, the Devon Rex is a big time cuddle bug. At night, many Devon Rex cats will cuddle in bed even underneath the covers if their humans will let them. With their love to be near, these silly cats might even try to perch on your shoulder when you are seated in the sofa, or even demand to curl up in your lap like a baby when you are relaxing or laying down. With large, expressive eyes that speak volumes to you, it’s hard to resist these cuddly cats any time they are yearning for your affection.

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