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The Best Way to De-Shed Your Dog's Hair

Go Groomer

Do not use dog shedding tools DO THIS INSTEAD! You will never look at dog deshedding tools the same way after learning the deshedding methods I teach you in this video.
Pet grooming industry leaders and manufacturers want us to use tools such as the fulminator, coat rakes, carding knives, and other metaledged tools to reduce dog shedding for our furry friends that shed hair. This is the Best Way to DeShed Your Dog's Hair.
But there is something they don’t tell you about deshedding your dog that is a game changer and way more beneficial for your pet.
Is it true that using tools.. is all there is to keep your dog's coat in check?

Yes, these tools can certainly help encourage the dead and shedding hair to release from the coat but they can also be damaging to the skin and coat if used too often or improperly as a substitute for their predecessors… the brush and the comb.
And even brushing, combing, and deshedding are not going to cure your dog's shedding problem.

So what is the secret to deshedding your shedding dog breed and not having to except dog hair everywhere every day as part of the package to living with a dog that sheds hair?
THIS IS THE best undercoat removal for your dog!

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