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Dog Nail Clipping Doesn't Have To Be STRESSFUL...

McCann Dog Training

Do you have a dog who is TOTALLY stressed about the nail clipping process? Are YOU stressed about clipping your dog's nails? Instructor Robbie will work through the different steps that you can use to get your dog more comfortable with nail clipping.

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00:00 Dog Nail Trimming Doesn't Have To Be Stressful
00:33 Dog Nail Trimming Is An Important Part Of Health Care
01:50 Make Things Easier With The Right "Tools"
02:28 The BIG Picture Approach To Cutting Dog Nails
04:38 The Nail Trimming Step That EVERYONE Forgets!
07:06 The Nail Trimming Step That We Haven't Mentioned
07:21 Choosing A Position For Cutting Your Dog's Nails
08:02 What If Your Dog Won't Take Food During Nail Clipping
08:32 Now We're Ready For The BIG Step
09:04 Adding The Sound Of Nail Clippers When Cutting Dog Nails
10:37 Adding The Nail Clippers To Your Dog Training
12:38 Cutting Dog Nails Might Not Be A Linear Process
13:56 The BIG Mistake People Make When Clipping Dog Nails
14:38 How To Cut Dog Nails

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