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Go Groomer

Go Groomer
I am Amy Leigh, a certified professional pet groomer since 2003 and It is absolutely my pleasure to share with you the secrets of the Grooming Industry, so you can provide the same level of quality care for your beloved pets at home as I provide to my pet clients in my grooming salon.
One of my goals on my YouTube channel is to bring a new voice to the pet grooming industry. One that includes pet owners as valuable consumers and not just pet groomers. With so many people seeking valuable knowledge in order to groom their dogs at home, having a place to learn proper dog grooming techniques and receive professional advice on tools, products, and where to get them… is essential!
Go Groomer is dedicated to helping enrich your pet(s) life and increasing the bond you share with them. Subscribers of this channel will have access to industrystandard pet grooming knowledge and tips about their beloved pet(s) completely free!

Amy Leigh
[email protected]
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