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SWFL Eagles ~ M15 Brings A Fish But F23 Drops It On The Ground 🐟 Huge Piles Of Grass u0026 Moss 11.30.23

Lady Hawk

It was another peaceful day with several incubation shifts changes with both M15 & F23 taking their turns on their eggs. F23 brought in a massive string of moss but it got caught on a stick by cam 2. There goes the view again lol M15 brought in a huge pile of grass looks like he brought in part of the pasture! The nest is really full of comfy softness now & have extra insulation properties.

M15 brings in a whole catfish and lands on the side of the nest vocal. F23 goes to take it but it is stuck on M15's talons she grabs it and M15 has it in his beak briefly a little tugofish before F23 takes it and flies to the veranda and attic. We can see from the 360 cam that as she flies to the inner limb, she accidentally drops the fish! She flies off to the ground to retrieve it. The cam op panned looking for her but she was out of view as she got her fish and ate it.

She returns to the nest and M15 & her spend the waning afternoon light together working on the nest with that bed of grasses. She flies off and goes across the street but comes back and asks M15 to get up so she can resume incubation for the night. M15 flies off for his roosting spot but no doubt will be back during the night ♥ Thank you for watching!

To see the highlights below, please click on the timestamps to advance to that portion of the video.

00:00 Opening M15 on attic F23 on nest then to attic, M to nest
01:11 F23 flies in with string of moss gets caught on stick
02:47 F23 to attic closeups
04:31 M15 incubating eggs
06:26 M up vocal egg views F23 to nest
08:57 F23 to attic egg views (egg#1 left egg #2 right) F23 back to nest
10:03 M15 with huge pile of grass spreads it F23 helps F to attic
12:51 M15 rolls the eggs
14:05 M15 brings in a catfish F23 takes it
14:40 F23 to veranda, attic and inner limb
16:08 360 view of fish delivery
17:25 F23 DROPS HER FISH slomo watching it fall goes to retrieve it
18:30 M15 on nest goes to attic vocal, F23 to nest
19:55 M15 to attic and nest
21:00 M15 pulls up grasses F23 helps teamwork
23:54 F23 back to nest
24:41 F23 flies off across street
25:51 M15 incubating eggs F23 returns to incubate
28:23 M15 flies off

Video captured & edited by Lady Hawk

Thank you SWFEC , hosted by Dick Pritchett Real Estate, for allowing us the opportunity to view these amazing eagles.
#southwestfloridaeaglecam #eagles #baldeagles #SWFEC

Link to cam 1:

Link to Cam 2:

Link to cam 3:

posted by clubremby