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Start A Worm Farm The Right Way: Step By Step Video Guide

Urban Worm Company

Video Summary: Steve shows you how to start your worm farm to recycle your food waste into worm castings

Ultimate Guide to Vermicomposting:

Download the Ultimate Guide in PDF form:

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Video Timeline:
0:00 Start of Video
0:29 Microbes: The key to vermicomposting
1:30 Step 1: Find and prepare a 7 to 10gallon tote
2:35 Get the Ultimate Guide to Vermicomposting
2:56 Step 2: Add and prepare bedding
5:04 Step 3: Order worms
6:00 Step 4: Start with very small feedings each week
7:10 When to feed your worm farm again

Products Mentioned:
12Sheet Cross Cut Shredder for Bedding Prep

Urban Worm Bag

Composting Worms

Urban Worm Blanket

About the Urban Worm Company
Instagram:   / urbanwormco  
Facebook:   / urbanwormcompany  

Production Equipment I Use:
Canon DSLR Camera

GlideGear Teleprompter

Neweer Lighting

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