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Should I Get a Catio?: Tips On Outdoor Cat Enclosures

9 Lives To Live

This video looks at the pros and cons of catios to help you decide if you should invest in a catio.

Most indoor cats want to go outdoors. But we are afraid that they will get lost or injured. So, we keep them indoors. Should you get a catio?

One solution that meets them halfway is an outdoor cat enclosure, also called a catio. These enclosed outdoor spaces are made specifically for cats. But there are pros and cons.

The video also looks at tips to keep these “cat patios” optimized for your cat. Outdoor cat enclosures can be very safe spaces where your cats can enjoy the outdoors, but you need to know a few things.

Your cats are stimulated by the outdoors, fresh air, smells and sounds. These are the benefits.
• Bugs to chase, plants, Sunlight
• Extra space
• Kittens won’t get lost, stolen, attacked, poisoned, hit by cars
• Cats can get away from other pets, such as dogs
• Levels provide exercise
• They can be there unsupervised and save you time

• Fleas
• Outdoor cats prowling about
• Weather (wet, snow)
• Digging dirt and dragging it in
• They are not cheap
• The require upkeep

• Do you have the space for a catio?
• Location: sunlight (morning sun, afternoon shade). From which direction does the weather come?
• Should your outdoor cat enclosure be attached to the house or free standing?
• What size should the catio be?
• Do you want to spend time with your cats and kittens in the catio?
• How will your cats access the cat patio?

• You will need access to clean and maintain the catio.
• Get a lock.
• It’s best to have a covered litterbox inside the catio.
• Put plants inn there, but ensure the plants are not toxic.
• Check periodically to ensure it is still secure (roof, corners, door, attachment to house, run if you have one.)

• Do you want to give your cats the choice? Is it even an option?
• Which window is best. Which room?
• Do you need a cat run for a free standing catio? ( has plans to build your own catio. This is the company that Jenny used to get her catio plan.

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Flea image: Public domain in its source country on January 1, 1996 and in the United States. By Robert Hooke This image is available from the National Library of Wales, Public Domain,

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