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Russian Blue Breed Origin: Myths Dissolved. History of Russian Blue Cat Breed.

Nines Catudio

Russian blue breed continues to be a mystery when it comes to its origin, but in this video we try to explain why it did not originate in cold and snowy Archangelsk, one of the utmost Northern cities of Russia.

After watching this video you will know why Siberian Cat and the Norwegian Forest Cat, which supposedly come from the same harsh climate, are better equipped for the winters. The truth is – Russian Blue Cat has not been exposed to cold at all!

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Video Montage and Research: Nine’s Catudio

Video Editor: Filmora
Music: Epidemic Sound

Image sources:
St. Petersburg Port
Winter Palace in 1740’s (Elizaveta Petrovna’s ruling):
Elizaveta Petrovna’s Order to bring 30 cats (modern edition):
Archangelsk Tatar family:

Winter cat picture

Michael Archangelsk Monastery

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