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Why Are Russian Blue Cats So Special?


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The "Russian blue cat" breed has Russian roots, but foreign breeders carried out all the breeding work to fix the standard traits. The birthplace of the Russian blue cats is the northern regions of Russia. These cats were known at the court of the Russian tsars, but in the typical population, these cats are always listed as favorites.

Animals belonging to the "Russian blue cat" species were often members of the crews of seagoing ships with their own duties, the main one being the extermination of rodents. Many shipboard cats became not only sea voyagers, but also settlers, who got to the distant from their native places and very soon became legal residents there.

Russian cats with grayblue short hair color got to the British Isles thanks to sailors of Russian Empire ships going from Arkhangelsk to England, where the local population took a liking to them. There they were called "blue archangels". The Englishwoman Carew Cox was the first breeder of Russian blue cats in the late 19th century. In 1903 the breed was named Archangel Blue. In 1935 the breed was registered in the British studbook as Russian Blue.

American breeders began breeding Russian blue cats in the 50s of the twentieth century. Therefore, there are several standards defining the requirements for this breed. They are stipulated in the documents of European and American felinological (studying cats) organizations. Today European, Scandinavian, English, and North American types of breeds are fixed.

Animals of this breed have retained many natural instincts, so hunting is a necessity for them. Cats are happy to chase toys tied to strings, roll balls, and chase moving toy mice. The best habitat for animals would be a house with a homestead, where they can hunt for live rodents. But even in an apartment, they feel good if the owners regularly take them out for walks, prewearing a leash.
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