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I Adopted a Russian Blue Cat in a TINY Apartment | Do I Recommend It?

monsieur tn

Many people have heard about or seen the Russian Blue cat hopefully, this will help cover the information that is lacking that prospective adopters are looking for: from their behavior indoors, interactions with humans, energy levels, and some special considerations when choosing the Russian Blue Cat as a pet.

As a brief summary, Russian Blue cats are generally predictable, there usually isn't something you would be surprised about them other than their dashing good looks. You might think this would be a negative point but in an apartment, where there is high traffic and have many objects around in close proximity, it's a major strength.

0:00 Introduction
1:28 Russian Blue Cat Temperaments
2:45 Russian Blue Energy Levels
4:22 Russian Blue Cat Considerations + Other Facts
5:01 Russian Blue Cat Affection and How They Deal With Change
7:00 Recommendations for Russian Blue Cat + Apartment Essentials

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