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Ragdoll Cat Ate too Much Cat Grass? It's just dental floss to my other cat.

Bowie The Ragdoll Cat

Funny cat video with Bowie the Ragdoll cat and Bella The Lambkin cat. Finally another beautiful sunny day, Bowie, our rag doll cat, feeds on cat grass and lies down next to it as if he had devoured cat grass. Bella, our Lambkin cat, also eats cat grass, but the blades of grass she tries to pull out just stay put. So she's flossing her teeth. Bowie sees a bike so he jumps on it, he always does. I don't think Bowie wants to go for a ride, but we might give it a try with a bicycle pet carrier. When it's time for their cat nap, our Ragdoll cat and Lambkin cat, often sleep together, preferably on the couch. And then Bowie usually uses Bella as a pillow.
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