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Meowing and Chattering - Cats and Birds | Bowie the Ragdoll Cat u0026 Bella

Bowie The Ragdoll Cat

Meowing and Chattering | Cats and Birds | Bowie the Ragdoll Cat & Bella
It's spring again, so Bowie, our Ragdoll cat, and Bella, our Lambkin cat, can continue with one of our cats' great hobbies; bird watching. They meow and chat at the birds. Bowie walks back and forth. Bella is always a bit afraid of large birds, she prefers to watch, meow, and chat to the birds from indoors. There are many Jackdaws, Crows, Gulls, Magpies, Blackbirds, and our cats' favorites are the super fastmoving Great Tit, especially when they sing and chirp.
Only our Rag doll cat sometimes tries to get a bird, he will lie in an ambush but the birds just see our Ragdoll cat, the birds are too smart or too fast for Bowie. Bella has never tried to catch a bird. If a bird gets too close, she quickly goes under the table.
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posted by Lymnimpendo