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NYC Corgi Meetup: 100 CORGIS PLAYING!!!

Laugh & Learn with Kristen Van Nest

Corgi Extravaganza: 100+ Fluffy Butts Invade Washington Square Park

Over 100 corgis meetup in Washington Square Park for a day of fun!!! Imagine a sunny day in New York City, a day so joyful and fluffy, it could only be the making of a corgi meetup! That's right, we're talking over 100 adorable corgis waddling their way into the heart of Washington Square Park for an unforgettable day of fun, barks, and plenty of butt wiggles.

Join me as we dive into the cutest event of the season, where the grass was barely visible beneath a sea of corgi fur. From tricolors to merles, and those with crowns of white, each corgi brought their unique charm to this furryfilled gathering. Think of it as the ultimate playdate, but with more short legs and perky ears than you could count! ‍

Why Washington Square Park, you ask? Well, it's not just the iconic arch or the fountain that brought everyone together—it's the spirit of community, the love for our fourlegged friends, and the excuse to see the world through their excitable, joyful eyes (and, okay, maybe for the 'gram too ).

What goes into organizing a corgi meetup of this scale? How do over 100 corgis play, interact, and share a space in one of NYC's most bustling parks? We'll cover all that, plus highlight some of the day's most heartwarming moments, the inevitable corgi "zoomies," and even some cheeky corgi costume showoffs. And whenever they saw larger dogs, they started herding them like sheep

So, if you're ready for your heart to melt into a puddle of corgi love, hit like, subscribe for more adorable dog meetups, and let us know in the comments if you're team corgi (or if there’s another breed that steals your heart!). And remember, in a world full of legs, be a corgi—short, sweet, and ready to conquer!

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