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'My Dad's Life is in Your Hands!' Kittens Stopped a Person Begging Help for their Dying Dad Cat!

Animals Cottage - Rescue Center 2.0

Today, we came to feed street cats in a huge park of our city. There, we found some adorable, hungry cats for whom finding food in winters wasn't so easy. While enjoying the meal, we got surprised to see some kittens following an unaware couple. They were meowing and calling for help, but finally, the couple turned around and gave attention to kittens. Feeling curious if they knew the kittens, we approached and asked them. The couple said they didn't know the kittens by any chance. After asking them a few more questions, we went to check if there were any other kittens near the gate the couple entered the park. There we found another kitten probably from same litter. Also, a group of boys informed us about their dad cat who was in a miserable state. We rescued him as he needed treatment, and finally after feeding some more street cats, we found a sleepy kitten on ground. After checking his still, cold body, we found out that the kitten needed immediate treatment!
Watch the complete video to know if the poor kitten and the dad cat survived!
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posted by mokestinoub