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Homeless kittens crying out loud for Mother cat

Teddy Kitten - Rescue Center

We found a dead cat on the way. The sound of kittens crying was coming from nearby. We have found four kittens one after one at this place. We collected all four kittens. We had a feeling that the dead cat on the road might be the mother of these kittens. But someone there said that he saw another cat feeding these kittens. It will be somewhere near here.

The kittens looked quite hungry. We fed them milk. We go out for street feeding every day. We have cat food and kitten milk. If you watch our daily street feeding videos, you will know that we share street feeding videos on our Instagram daily. The link is in the About section. Then we tried to find the mother of these kittens. At one place there we saw a white cat. There were a lot of dogs there.

We installed a cat catcher so that the smell of the meat will attract the cat. Because the cat was seen nearby. After a long wait, we managed to catch the mother of these kittens.

In this video, you will see that as soon as the kittens come home, Jasmine starts scaring the kittens. One kitten was lightly pawed. The white cat got angry and beat the jasmine cat at once with great speed, and Jasmine did not come to these kittens again after that. This cat was very angry.

Later, when luna Cat came to this room and saw the kittens, the white cat was very angry with luna Cat, too. You will see in this video that the white cat is making angry noises.Luna left after seeing this scene. We caged this cat with her kittens first. Because this cat was quite angry because of Jasmine and was in a fighting mood with both Luna and Jasmine. Later, we locked Luna and Jasmine in other rooms for a while and left the kittens open. We are looking to adopt a white cat and her kittens to a good family.

We do street feeding daily. We keep getting different cases. All cases we can not share with you on youtube. There are some cases like Simba's case or coco's case or Lusi's case that we haven't shared on youtube yet. If you want to see that too, you can check it out on Instagram. _________________________________________________

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