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A crying mother cat brough her dying kitten to a man. Just unbelievable!

Animals Cottage - Rescue Center 2.0

A crying mother cat brough her dying kitten to a man. Just unbelievable. Today, while feeding street cats, we met a mama cat carrying one kitten in her mouth. We thought she wanted us to look at her kitten. But after the kitten didn't respond to her grooming, we checked kitten's body and found him sick! We hurriedly took him to clinic. Later, mama cat brought two more kittens, and thankfully, they were healthy! While feeding the mama cat, a person hurriedly came and informed about some feral cats who'd disturbed some kittens. We quickly went to check the situation. Our eyes shed tears as we saw what we didn't expect!
Watch the complete video to know what happened there and if the sick kitten could survive! Could we reunite them all?
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