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Misfits Market Box October 2021 With Discount Code


We are so excited to have Misfits in Texas now! Misfits Market is an organic "misfit" produce box. So not only are we able to get a discount on the price of fresh produce, we are able to cut down on the waste our economy is producing. It's delivered straight to your door, chilled, and on a preselected date of your choosing. You can even skip boxes by just not adding to you order without penalty if you are going on vacation etc. I'm ready for them to come back with more produce and get away from the pantry items. It's an awesome option for those who live wholly organic, but I am more after the produce side of things. I will say, the Wandering Bear coffee is nice... and strong! Can't wait to try the latte one in the morning.

Come back to the channel to see what kind of foods we cook up with all of this produce.

posted by mutoneq0