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Major Hamster & Friends

Here it is! The bets! The funniest! The most exciting and the most AMAZING ANIMAL COMPETITION EVER! The race through GIANT MIRROR MAZE! This maze is the most tricky maze in the World! Four of our smartest pets will fight for the golden medal. Who do you think will win? Is it gonna be evil Dr. Max the cat? Maybe small ,but very brave, Major Hamster? Cute rat Vicky or Ajka the dog? Let's see who is the best!!!

PLEASE NOTE that our pets were not under any pressure, while filming this, whatsoever. Major Hamster and rat Vicky love to overcome any sort of obstacles, spin the wheel and they are very curious and adventurous. Cat Dr. Max and dog Ajka are very friendly, also adventurous and curious and love to explore our mazes and other creations. We take very good care of our "actors", so our pets were not in any danger while filming. They were awarded with many treats after filming.

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