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London CATstravaganza - Sunday VIC Class

Loving Cats Worldwide

Watch our owner and founder Steven Meserve in action judging at the Loving Cats Worldwide London CATstravaganza!
This is the Very Important Class (VIC) , and there's some real cuties on the lineup!
Our VIC Class is a brand new title accelerator class created to judge the most competitive cats in our competition!

0:00 Intro
4:45 Siamese
5:55 Burmilla
6:55 Siberian
7:50 British Shorthair
9:05 Ragdoll
10:15 Persian
11:10 Lykoi
12:30 Exotic Shorthair
13:50 Maine Coon
14:50 Persian

#cats #catlovers #catbreeding #catevents

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posted by frithwasl5