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Is Tortitude Real? (7 Facts About Tortoiseshell Cats)


Fact number five surprised me! Thank you to everyone who shared photos and videos of their tortoiseshell cats to make this video! So grateful to you.

Brit Clark, Conrad Mansion Director
Josie's Mom (Josie)
Christopher Colome (Lily)
@eena_mina_beena (Mina)
Margaret Quilapio (Happy Edie)
Ariel, the Maine Coon black
tortie tabby from Italy
(and her proud mom)
Cheryl Russell (Mischief)
Jessi (Psycho Kitty)
MCP Meow (Cassiopeia)
Jill M. (Yuki)
Dr. Toe Block (Turtle & Bumblebee)
Megan Ruth Photography (Tulip)
Janice (Gravy)
...and others who wished to remain anonymous


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Video Navigation:

0:00 Introduction
1:32 1. Tortoiseshell Cats Are Orange and Black
3:20 2. Virtually All Torties Are Female
4:06 3. The Tortoiseshell Coat Has Many Variants
5:13 4. Torties Can Also Be Tabbies
5:52 5. You Can't Clone a Tortie
6:39 6. Colors That Make Tabby
7:03 7. Tortitude Seems to Be Real
9:49 The Terrific Tortoiseshell

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