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8 Facts You Should You Know About Male Cats (#6 Is Sad)


Are male cats more affectionate? Are they aggressive? Stay tuned through fact number 9 to find out if male cats have distinctive personalities. Sign up for our free recall alert program:'>

Video Navigation:
0:00 Introduction
0:49 The Life of a Male Cat
2:55 Why UnNeutered Male Cats Can Be Hard to Live With
3:50 1. Most Orange Cats Are Male
4:39 2. Male Cats Can't Be Torties (Usually)
5:18 3. Male Cats Are Prone to Urethral Obstruction
6:34 4. Male Cats Tend to Be More LeftPawed
7:18 5. Male Cats Tend to Be Bigger
7:53 6. Male Cats Tend to Have Shorter Lives
8:33 7. Neutering Adds 4 Years to Their Life Expectancy
9:27 8. They May Have Distinct Traits


Paw preference in cats:
Effects of castration on longevity in humans:
Tips for living with intact male cats:
Calico male cat image: Alixia PainBrun, CC BYSA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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