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The 10 Signs Your Cat Has Imprinted On You


In this video, Dr. Sarah Wooten, DVM, CVJ discusses imprinting in cats and the top 10 signs your cat has imprinted on you! Learn more from Dr. Sarah: https://www.drsarahwooten.com/

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Video Navigation:

0:00 Introduction
0:15 What is Imprinting?
2:15 Signs Your Cat Has Imprinted on You
2:43 Sign 1: Your Cat is Excited to See You
2:55 Sign 2: Friendly Vocalizations
3:12 Sign 3: Kneading
3:34 Sign 4: Head Butting/Bunting
4:05 Sign 5: Tail Held Straight Up
4:52 Sign 6: Your Cat Licks You
5:26 Sign 7: Curling Up In Your Lap
5:45 Sign 8: Direct Gazing
6:40 Sign 9: You Can Do Things Others Can't
7:09 Sign 10: They Bring You Presents

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