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I Played the HARDEST Skyblock

Lord Jon25

In this video I play through the hardest skyblock map that is still posible in in hardcore mode. So no jumping off the island, no backups (to increase your chances with the wandering trader and to get iron shovels from zombies). With just 81 blocks to play around with you have to stretch minecraft to its limits to progress. This was truly an insane Skyblock challenge which I started over 200 days ago and today I have this video that documented my journey, enjoy watching :)!

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Music used (should be in order):
Wonder Woman Theme Epic Cover Version by Bennie Music:
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Some song I actually dont know the name of
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Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License
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If you made it down here you are a legend, thanks for watching :)!

Lord Jon25
February 2024

posted by pissisfp