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Can You Actually Beat Minecraft Superflat?

Mud Flaps

Can you defeat the ender Dragon in superflat with no structures and no bonus chest in hardcore minecraft? In Minecraft Hardcore of course. The main goals in this video are to get diamond armor, get to the nether, and get to the end in superflat with no naturally generating structures. The only thing we have in superflat minecraft are slimes and other mobs. Its awful...

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I Survived 100 days in a superflat world, well, more like 100 hours LOL HELP ME

Footage ( ill release more in the days to come, i have to let my computer sit and record the replays so, rendering long replays typically breaks my computer xD )
   • Video1  
   • Video2  
   • Video3  
   • Video4  
   • Video5  

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