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How To Tie a Scarf in Less Than 6 Minutes: Headwrap Tutorial


Learn how to tie a scarf in less than 6 minutes with this headwrap video tutorial. In the video, I deconstruct my straightforward and quick head wrap.

I'm using a regular scarf that I purchased from Target, although there are several similar scarfs available on Amazon. The scarf measures approximately 73 inches long and 26 inches wide, and the material is 100% viscose.

To find a similar length scarf:

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Protecting curls should never be boring even during the colder winter months of the year. In addition to a variety of protective styles that you could wear, hair scarves can also help you maintain moisture and provide protection for your hair.

Hair scarves are available in different patterns, colors, and sizes. It is also possible to tie your hair in a variety of head wraps with these beautiful scarves.

Headscarves, head covers, and head wraps for women can be defined as head coverings that cover either most or all of a person’s head or hair and are mostly used by women.

A headscarf is made of a square or triangular piece of cloth folded to cover the head. Headscarves serve many functions. One of the major functions is protecting your hair or head from wind, rain, cold, dirt, and warmth. Satin head wraps or bonnets are also great for those ladies that sleep on cotton sheets.

Also, it's important to note that cultures use head wraps for social distinction, fashion, to hide baldness, for certain medical conditions, for religious purposes, and other forms of social convention.

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