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How I Transformed Canada Goose Into A Billion-Dollar Brand

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When Dani Reiss took the reins as CEO of Canada Goose at age 27, he was running a company that brought in $2.2 million a year in revenue. Today, the luxury brand is worth $1.1 billion. Canada Goose parkas, with their iconic shoulder patches, cost over $1,000 and the company sells over one million jackets a year.

Correction: In fiscal year of 2023, Canada Goose has brought in $878 million in revenue. An earlier version misstated this information.

Produced by: Beatriz Bajuelos
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Camera: David Estrada
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Additional Camera: Valentina Duarte, Liam Mays
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Narrator: Nicolas Vega

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How I Transformed Canada Goose Into A BillionDollar Brand

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