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First day of a Scottish Fold kitten at her new home (with captions) | @gobi.scottishfold

Erika Wang

#scottishfold #cat #petlog

Turn on Captions we made for this video. :)

Gobi, our little Scottish Fold kitten, came to our life on June 17th. She is truly an angel baby girl. We feel so lucky to be her new Mama and Papa. Loving her every day every moment. On this Channel we will be documenting Gobi's life with us. This video is the about her first day with us. We wish her video can bring happiness to you!

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[ Kitten ]
Gobi She is a Scottish Fold, born on Feb 26, 2020

[ Instagram ]

[ Camera ]
Sony a6400 and iPhone 11 Pro

[ Songs ]
1. Reborn by One Hundred Years
2. See by Roary
3. Bounce by Steven Gutheinz
4. The Story Never Ends by Chad Lawson
5. Father's Land by Jordan Critz
6. Vona by Moncrief

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