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A day in cat life | What's it like to have a scottishfold cat | cuddly cat | What cat does all day

Erika Wang

#scottishfold #cat #vlog #kitten
We want to show you what's it like to have a Scottish Fold cat at home. The video speaks for itself the wonderful moments of having a cat. If you want to get a cat or are deciding whether to get a cat or not, watch this and hope it helps the decision making process!

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[ Kitten ]
Gobi She is a Scottish Fold, born on Feb 26, 2020

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[ Music ]
Track 1: Sweet Home    • [브금대통령] (주말/휴식/Rest) Sweet Home [무료음악...  
Track 2: A Spring Breeze    • [브금대통령] (산책/주말/Lyrical) 봄 바람/A Spring...  
Track 3: Happy Day    • [브금대통령] (즐거움/행복/Bright) Happy Day [무료...  
Track 4: Nap Time    • [Royalty Free Music] Naptime! (예쁜/밝은/...  
Track 5: Yummy Flavor    • Cute bgm♫Yummy Flavor♫No Copyright M...  
Track 6: An Autumn Wind    • [Royalty Free Music] 가을바람 / an Autumn...  

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