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How to train cats to ring bell? Cat rings the bell for treats | Teaching our cat to ring the bell

Erika Wang

#scottishfold #cat #vlog #catringsbell
Gobi initially hated touching the bell, but with lots of patience and practice, she can't stop ringing the bell!

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[ Kitten ]
Gobi She is a Scottish Fold, born on Feb 26, 2020

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[ Music ]
Music by BGM President
Track 1: Rabbit Hops    • [브금대통령](귀여운/피아노/Hopping) 토끼가 깡총/Rabbi...  
Track 2: Lulu Lala    • [브금대통령](즐거운/산책/Picnic) 룰루~랄라~/Lulu~la...  
Track 3: Cutie of Park    • [브금대통령] (귀여운/행복한/Bright) Cutie Of Par...  

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