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Every Plate Review | Popular Meal Kit Delivery Service | Unboxing | COOK WITH ME | Is it worth it?

Thrifty Recipes

I'm excited and curious to open and review my first order from Every Plate, a popular meal kit delivery service! Unbox and cook with me as I share the contents of each meal in the box. I share step by step, how to cook one of the dinners! Watch to find out which meal is my first pick and follow my channel, Thrifty Recipes, to see upcoming videos on other Every Plate meal kit dinners!

Every Plate Discount Link: Look for the "LINK" in the comment section below this video. Note, I may be eligible for a credit towards future meal kits as a result of your signup through the Every Plate link provided. Please note that my review of any Every Plate kits is an independent, NONsponsored, nonsolicited personal review. Please share this video on your Social Media (Facebook, Pinterest, etc)

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I have many more Thrifty Recipes videos in the works!

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Thrifty Recipes

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