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Carpintis Green Texas Cichlid Care - Size u0026 Aggression

Palmer Aquatics

Carpintis Green Texas Cichlid Care Size & Aggression . These fish grow fast and I feed them the medium to large omega one brand food. Texas cichlids love this food.

About the aquarium carpintis green Texas Cichlid.

I used Panacur dog dewormer granules I got from the vet after Prazipro did nothing. I recommend you contact a vet. You use the granules to medicate food... Easiest way is lay out flake food in a plate. Mist with water until damp... Then sprinkle the dosage required for 3 doses on the food evenly. Let it dry till full dry and then divide into three equal doses. Feed each dose two days apart. Fast the fish for 2 days before feeding he medicated food. The day after each dose do a thorough gravel vaccuum. After three doses fast fish for two days and then feed blanched shelled peas for two days to help pass any worm corpses. Repeat treatment in two weeks.

These are actually called Camallanus worms.
Best of luck to you.... It killed 80% of the fish I had in a 90g, 25g, and 10g because I didn't realize not to use the same nets and gravel vacs in multiple tanks.

Wow. Thank you so much I'm going to try my best . I've had my paradise fish for at least 7 months. Got them from quatentiening them at work.... they got the redworms from a betta a rescued at petsmart that was in with them. I should always quarantine but it's taken over rather month for them to ever show up.

Darn calling the vet asap. I have 3 ottocats and 2 siamese algae eaters in there as well. I know the ottos will not eat the medicated food how on earth do I help them I'm stressin.

This is one of 2 keyholes I picked up almost a fortnight ago. Hes tiny, about an inch long. When the guy in the store caught him, he took a full 20 minutes chasing him around the tank before smooshing him with the frame of the net. The other keyhole he caught fine. The other keyhole is fine and eating behaving normally. They are both together in a 10g quarantine. This one has darkened considerably and hasn't eaten much since I got him. His fins are very clamped up too.

Tank parameters are 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 10ppm nitrates. Ph is 6.8. For the last 5 days I have been treating with maracyn 2 to try and prevent any internal infection due to injury and or stress. I am wondering if he has parasites and if so what would be the best course of action to take ? Some help please, as I don't want to loose this little guy, it's taken me 3 years to find him and his buddy.

Keyholes are funny fish, they stress out very easy. Give'em 24 hours in the dark. the pair I have, have spawned a couple times for me. And will clamp fins and lay down like yours.If you where closer, you could come get this pair. Been tring to give them away for a couple of months. Good luck.

That's to bad. I work at the lfs and I wouldn't have gave you the fish if I'd done that on accident. You should have said something at point of sale so you could be reimbursed if something like this happened. poor guy . That's a good preventative med action as of now . Does he have trouble getting around ? If he does i would suggest a smaller tank or a netted separate space to prevent further injury.

That does make it difficult. I'm going to guess you've tried the frozen already. Hopefully he wasn't damaged by the pet store employee. There are live food cultures available on line, like from aqua bid, ebay, and various Facebook groups. Things like daphnia, various worms, and fruit flies, can be cultured in small containers, like plastic shoe boxes. In case you ever wanted to try live foods.

Does the black light used for glofish tanks promote algae growth? Trying to figure out if my cousin's tank just has new tank syndrome or if the light may be contributing.

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